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Fundraiser for American Heart Association.

Bob and Mary White, the founders of US Alloys, felt compelled to support the American Heart Association over 30 years ago. At that time, neither mom nor dad had health issues, however the men on mom's side were lost to 'heart attacks' at an early age (including her dad at 49). As mom and dad progressed in years, so did the hospitals, doctors and research, which progressed exponentially. Where mom's dad died of a 'heart attack', my dad's 12 stints were proactive and kept him here, with his family, and on the golf course for many years.

My sister Laura and I started our involvement with AHA-Galveston over 15 years ago. We agree that our parents' choice has made a difference in our family, as well as, many others. We decided to take the torch and keep moving forward with what mom and dad started. One of our big decisions came a year ago when we decided to move our support from AHA-Galveston to AHA-Houston. This allows us to bring in the family's business support. Now US Alloys families, employees, associates, and friends can be involved with Walking for a Cause. We are also having on-campus CPR/hands only class, blood pressure testing and AED training.

My wife, Melanie White, is a living testament to this progress of hospitals, doctors, and research; specifically, Texas Children's Hospital and Dr Fraser. In 1995, the stress of Melanie's first pregnancy brought on symptoms that needed investigating. Based on the findings and diagnoses of a one-of-a-kind congenital heart defect, without surgery, she was given one year before heart failure. Melanie took Dr Fraser's advice and allowed him to perform the lifesaving surgery. To this day Melanie cannot see a new doctor without the doctors wanting to perform multiple tests. She cannot have the simplest outpatient procedures without a cardiologist approval, and getting though airport security has now become amusing to us. All that aside, and now in the year 2023, Melanie is a loving, beautiful wife and mother of three (28,23- and 21-year-old adults), daughter, sister, aunt and Gigi. Again, a living testament.

If you could please consider joining our team or donating to the AHA Heart Walk to help continue the much-needed research they have been doing for many years.


John White

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